CD: Tom Hagerman – Idle Creatures

CD: Tom Hagerman – Idle Creatures

“Idle Creatures” (Cicero Recordings, 2011) is Tom Hagerman's sophomore solo album. It is a record filled with music that is equally joyful, despairing, precious, and absurd.  The album features something of a piecemeal indie chamber orchestra, which also includes an appearance by Austin's Tosca String Quartet. It was recorded at various studios and homes in Colorado and Texas and mixed in Portland, Oregon in-between writing, recording, and touring with DeVotchKa.


“Idle Creatures” is a record for fans of instrumental indie and soundtrack music. If you like DeVotchKa, you will enjoy this all instrumental release.



Track Listing:
1. A Death in the Harbor
2. Granny Old Wound
3. Useless Wooden Toys
4. The Eye Sees Not Itself
5. Happy Music for Sad Children
6. The Night Cap
7. Cut and Paste
8. Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes
9. Lullaby
10. Interlude
11. March of the Lunatics
12. Disposed Time
13. Sad Music for Happy Children

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