CD: Tom Hagerman – Water Music

CD: Tom Hagerman – Water Music

 A new record by Tom Hagerman, “Water Music” is a full length album of ambient string noises, electronics, shoegazer guitars, and folk elements mixed with Tom’s signature strings. 
Tom completed an original score to the documentary film "Where Have all the Mermaids Gone?" about commercial fishermen in Montauk, New York. Selections from the score are released on CD as "Water Music". It was recorded in the dead of winter in an unheated garage in Denver, CO. “Water Music” will be released concurrently with “Idle Creatures,” although they are vastly different albums.



Track Listing:

1. The Sea Line

2. Public Disobedience

3. Wave Follows Wave

4. Leighton Intro

5. Never New My Father

6. Fishing Music 

7. Fishing Music 2

8. The Fish Mongers

9. Fuel Filters

10. Electrical Issues

11. Ready to Sail

12. Every Man for Himself

13. The Catch

14. Sea Sick

15. Not Trying to be His Father

16. In the AM

17. The Open Sea

18. Patching Holes

19. We Are Done

20. Going Down with the Ship

21. Angels

22. Devils

23. Drinkin and Druggin

24. Survival

25. Twilight of the Fisherman

26. Can’t Pay the Bills

27. Anxiety Attack

28. The Ballad of Kurtis

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